We take pride in building intuitive, seamless apps that work. We figure all the options and effects in the world don’t add up to much if an app is hard to figure out and clunky to use.

As usual, we’ve added a few cool effects you won’t find in other apps, but the biggest differentiator with Diptic apps is always quality.

Here’s what you can do with Diptic Video:

• Create dynamic video collages using video clips or still photos (or a combination of both!) from your camera roll or – if you’re feeling inspired – take a photo or video on the spot with your device camera.
• Combine up to four video clips/photos in one of our 35 layouts.
• Select the Loop feature to make your video clips play on repeat.
• Choose from four playback modes: Forward (default), Forward + Reverse, Reverse, and Reverse + Forward. Play around with the different playbacks to put a fun twist on your videos, especially action shots of people jumping, playing sports, diving into a pool, etc

  • When Forward playback is combined with Loop, your video plays from start > finish > repeat.
  • Forward + Reverse plays from start to finish and then rewinds when the forward playback stops. Combine it with Loop to play from start > finish > rewind to start > finish > repeat.
  • Reverse playback plays videos in reverse (as you probably guessed), making your videos play from finish to start. Combine it with Loop to play finish > start > repeat.
  • Reverse + Forward plays in reverse from finish to start and then rewinds when the reverse playback stops. Combine it with Loop to play from finish > start > rewind to finish > start > repeat

• Add a soundtrack to your videos by picking any song from your iPhone.
• Control exactly how long video clips play by trimming (shortening) your video clips.
• Play your video clips at the same time or one after another via Sequential Playback.
• Swap videos/photos between frames.
• Slide inner frame lines to make your layouts perfectly fit your videos/photos.
• Round the inner borders, as well as modify thickness and color.
• Pan, rotate, mirror and zoom individual photos and videos.